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Do You Need to Revamp the Looks of Your Sofa?

If you own a valuable piece of furniture, sometimes it is easier to have it upholstered rather than buy a new furnishing. For example, if you own an antique sofa or chair, it is normally preferable to have it upholstered if the fabric shows wear. You can have this done to a high standard when you contact an upholsterer who handles this type of work.

Do You Have a Picture That Needs Framing?

Normally, furniture upholsterers who transform the looks of sofas and chairs are hailed for their restoration services. This means that they offer a full line of restorative services. Not only can you get chairs and similar furnishings upholstered but you can also use the same company for framing paintings or prints or taking care of delicate repairs. Both businesses and homeowners can benefit from these kinds of services.

Do You Have a Contemporary Piece That Needs Restoration?

You can also use the same service to restore a modern piece of furniture. It just depends on your budget and preferences. By taking this stance, you will receive just the exact results that you want and many times at a more affordable price.

A Sampling of the Varied Services

Indeed, when you work with a restoration company, you can enjoy a broad range of upholstery services. Upholstery does not just entail changing the fabric or a furnishings; it also includes performing the following types of tasks:

  • Making leather and fabric repairs
  • Repairing and replacing a large number of materials including velvet, tapestry, linens, chenille, and silk
  • Deep buttoning furnishings
  • Adding piping and close studding of furniture
  • Adding horsehair filling and fibre
  • Including foam cushioning
  • Adding cushions
  • Restoring caravan and boat interiors
  • Restoring the look of headboards
  • Making repairs to items that have been damaged by a flood or fire
  • Taking care of any fire or flood insurance repairs

Know Who to Call

As you can see, contacting a restoration company to initiate an upholstery renovation (like leather repair specialists) can represent one or more of a number of services. If you want to improve the looks of a piece of furniture or transform its appearance, you need to know who to call. By contacting a restoration company, you can greatly enhance your décor.

Maintain a Professional Image

You just need to review the services of a restoration specialist online first. Review the skills they offer and look at your fabric options. When you choose a premium restorer, you will want to patronise the business time and again. Whether you collect antiques or are a business that wants to improve its professional image, this type of service can be invaluable.

Upholstery services are designed for property owners, businesses, antique lovers, and contemporary furnishings. Therefore, you are not limited in this respect. Review all the options today online. By speaking to a full-service provider, you will obtain the best restoration service for your particular needs.