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DIY Christmas Gift Bag Ideas

‘Tis the season to be coming up with creative and resourceful ways of giving gifts to your loved ones. Bouquets and expensive perfumes have become common, and that is why customized gifts such as booklets (contacting booklet printing services could give you an extra edge over others if you do choose this option), rings, keychains, pillows and many such items are now the talk of the town! And if you really want to impress with your gifts, there are many things you can do. One great way to make any gift look great (even on a low budget) is to customize their gift bags and make them unique and creative. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Recreate these bags for a simple, minimalistic yet stylish approach to Christmas. These show people that you mean business. Collect sprigs from wild fresh plants and fix them in place with a piece of chunky rope. Top of the look with handmade gifts inside each bag, such as soap or candles and really make a statement.

These Gingerbread house gift bags are slightly more advances and call for a white pen, tipex or even white paint. They look absolutely smashing and could be used to give home baked goods as gifts such as your own gingerbread men, cookies or cupcakes! Tie with striped string for an additional candy cane effect.

These Rudolf the reindeer bags are super simple to make and can make for a great family activity. You could choose to either print off all the bits and then cut them out – for a more uniform batch – or you could cut them out and colour them as you wish.

There is so much to do with paper bags and the possibilities are absolutely endless! Do get your own supply of paper bags visit Paper Bag Co and choose from their wide range of paper bags.