Creating Art From the Possibilities of the World Around You

Art is one of those indefinable concepts. But, that flexibility of conception and focus means that anyone can be an artist, and that includes you! So, if you’d like to join the creative community, consider creating art from the possibilities of the world around you.

You can look at things like moulds and castings. You can harness technology and processing power to your advantage. You’d be amazed at the photographic power of cell phones these days regarding artistic potential. And you can always look to multimedia and mixed-media creations as well. As long as you have and I for compelling visuals, you have as good of a chance as anyone else to make fantastic art.

Moulds and Castings

When you work with moulds and castings, you’re probably thinking more along the ideas of sculpture. But sculpture doesn’t necessarily have just to be fine art. Sculpture can come from everyday objects. Sculpture can come from urban and industrial areas. And sculpture can come from just the idea of replication. And it’s not only artists that use molds and castings. There are tons of commercial and industrial uses for this concept as well, which makes the cross-section of art and reality that much more interesting.

Technology and Processing Power

For a long time, many artistic materials were restricted because of their cost or availability. However, as technology and processing power has expanded, and prices have gone down, now you can find amazing artistic tools in software and hardware combinations that are available for an incredibly low cost. Now, a lot of art is more about how well you use your tools, rather than just if you can get them in the first place.

Photographic Power of Cell Phones

And have you installed any of the latest photography apps on your cell phone or tablet? They are phenomenal. It does take a little bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use them for professional output, but once you get those first lessons learned, you can make some amazing art all within the constructs of your phone!

Multimedia and Mixed Media Creations

Lots of people do pretty well with two-dimensional art or art that is created with the idea of a single format mind, like a painting or a photograph or instance. But when you start mixing different types of mediums and media, then you can get some exciting output. When you combine photography with painting, or you mix sculpture with collage, then you start discovering unique forms of expression that aren’t as well as established. That’s when you truly start creating art from the possibilities of the world around you –  when you create something that no one has thought about before.