Choosing a Theme for Creative Projects

One of the things about arts and crafts projects is that without some central focus, you can easily get overwhelmed. So, even before you start putting something together, it’s not a bad idea to choose a theme. But then you immediately come upon the question – how do I choose a theme? To do that, you can break some of your interests into a few categories.

A few examples of themes that you might choose initially might be birthstones, astrological focus, favorite movie characters, or even the idea that whatever you create should be practical. All of these will get you started thinking about how to begin gathering materials.


Do you know everyone’s birthstone in your family? If not, it’s an easy topic to research quickly. And, with the colors and themes that go along with this birthstone, you can begin all sorts of interesting and creative projects. It might be arts and crafts. It might be redecorating a bedroom. It might be choosing a theme for a birthday party. Picking a person’s birthstone is a good way to focus your energy on a concrete set of topics as opposed to just trying to pick something randomly.

Astrological Focus

Another way to choose a theme for a project that you’re working on is by astrological focus. There are a ton of great books on astrology that you can glean all sorts of intriguing pieces of information. And from those pieces of information – stuff concerning personality, likes and dislikes, mood tendencies – you can figure out some way to incorporate all those things into whatever you’re working on.

Most times that ends up being colors, shapes, and numbers, and it can give you a springboard to jump on the creativity wagon. If numbers seem interesting to you and you feel that getting to know their significance can boost your creativity, Ethereal Numbers and the like may help you delve deep into the topic.

Favorite Movie Character

For kids, sometimes the best way to get them interested in art is by doing an art activity associated with their favorite movie character. Depending on the age group, this could mean doing the craft project about a superhero, princess, talking animal, or even some sort of car character. There are tons of resources for doing all kinds of fun things with these characters, and it will keep your youngsters engaged.

Practical Things

A final approach to choosing a theme for your projects would be to make sure that whatever you create is practical. This could be something as simple as a coaster. It might be as complicated as some piece of furniture. It all depends on the time frame, budget, the skill level of the people involved, and general contextual considerations. The good thing about practical arts and crafts is the fact that it doesn’t end up just being a piece of decoration somewhere. It can be practically used over time.