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Arts And Crafts Ideas For Senior Citizens

Getting old doesn’t mean you have to lose the creative things you love to do in life. If you love playing musical instruments but have hearing loss, for example, might be a good site to visit so that you can continue doing what you enjoy. Aging, however, does mean that your coordination skills may become a bit challenged. Arts and crafts with fine detail may become a bit more difficult to conquer, but you never have to stop creating.

Crafting is an enjoyable way to exercise your motor skills and keep your body moving. Arts and crafts can also be a great way for seniors to relieve stress. The title of senior citizen just means that you have far more material from which to choose your creative muse.

Here is a quick look at some easy arts and crafts ideas for senior citizens.

Crafting with polymer clay

Working with clay doesn’t require senior citizens to work with tiny materials. The clay offers the chance for a tactile experience. It’s soft and silky as you mold it, and clay work gives senior citizens the time they need to get their creation just right.

You can enjoy creating simple clay charms, or cast fingerprints from the hands of a loved one. Seniors may also choose to create clay beads or pieces of pottery. The opportunities are endless.

Make art with photos

Displaying photography and pictures of family is a great way for senior citizens to create tangible memories. Scrapbooking will keep you busy for hours, and it’s an excellent exercise for the senior mind.

You may even want to consider a crafting time to make photo magnets to hang on the refrigerator. The finished product of photo crafting can provide valuable comfort for those facing the challenges of aging.

Get seniors interested in painting

Painting is another useful and creative way to exercise the motor skills of senior citizens. You don’t have to be a skilled painter to create something meaningful. Finger painting may even add an element of fun the seniors haven’t experienced in a while.

Craft for the appropriate holiday

Every holiday is a perfect excuse to get crafty. There are any number of options from which to choose your next crafting adventure. Make a Christmas stocking for the grandkids.

Spend time crafting unique holiday cards for loved ones, or get into fabric crafting. Knitting, crocheting, and quilting are always an engaging craft choice.

Arts and crafts to enjoy with the grandchildren

Sometimes it’s more fun to get the whole family involved in crafting. Here are a few ideas to enjoy with the kids and grandkids.

  • Tissue paper stained glass
  • Make a clothespin car
  • Hand-crafted picture frames
  • Make crayon hearts
  • Make drums out of empty coffee cans

Crafting with family provides special intimate time with the ones you love, which is always the most important thing near the end of life.