Are Demo Phones Worth Buying?

Unlike the brick-and-mortar Apple stores, the demo phones don’t carry any actual Apple products, but are meant only for show. In order to set it apart from the naughtiness of Android’s big bad-boy players, the demo phones feature bright, vibrant colours and only showcase a select few of Apple’s beloved apps and services. Because they don’t offer a polished user experience, buying demo phones has a lot more risk than normal smartphones. Still, a lot of consumers do it anyway, and if you are one of them, let us count the reasons why demo phones are worth buying. After all, regular distractions such as trying out new casinos online don’t necessarily require you to download an app. You can do so through the device’s browser.

Apple Demo Phones Feature Many Apps, But Some Aren’t Worth Getting

Apple is primarily focused on Apple products. However, the iPhones and iPads that the demo phones offer represent a small slice of what Apple offers: stock apps for Safari, Mail, Safari, Messages, FaceTime, Maps, Music, Photo, Notes, Safari, and Beats Audio. You can use a few apps within the iOS environment, but when you do, your device will almost always show an unsightly black-on-white look. Furthermore, the apps with the most reviews tend to be not worth getting, and the ones with the highest rating are only worth a quick look.

Unlike the Apple store, you can’t get the actual apps on the demo phones to really test them. You can only view and copy the references to the apps, which are included in the accompanying paperwork. While you can view information about the demo phone you purchased, you can’t transfer it from the demo to the actual phone you will use on your own.

Apple’s Demo Phones Look Interesting

Besides having a bright, colourful design, there’s not much else to tell you why demo phones are worth buying. They look cool, but not really exciting. They are actually rather boring compared to the hardware and software that come with a real iPhone or iPad. Even the demo versions of those two are more attractive and offer better functionality.

So, why would you buy a demo phone instead of the real deal? If you want to show off to a friend, or even keep the phone and not buy it, you will likely have the most fun and find the most practical use for it. For example, you could use it as a pro camera for shooting pictures on the go. If you want to save a small fortune, you could also try to find an existing or refurbished iPhone, iPad, or iPod for the same price and even get a few months of usage for free.

Apple Demo Phones Aren’t Ready For Adoption

Apple’s demo phones might look cool, but they are not a real product that you will really use and hold. You will probably never be able to boot it up without first connecting it to a computer, and that’s not something you should do with a demo phone unless you want to turn it into a paperweight. Still, there are certain iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices that have been proven not to work after a couple of days, and demo phones don’t work at all, so if you end up needing a brand new smartphone, you will just have to shell out the money for the real deal.