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7 ways to refresh your home office

For anyone working from home, a productive environment is an absolute must

Technology has changed a lot of things. We have the equivalent of a television, computer, map, music player and supermarket within arm’s reach at all times, and we can travel faster than ever with the press of a button. We are also constantly connected, and this has had a significant impact on every aspect of our lives, including the way we work.

More and more people are now working remotely, which for most people equates to working from home. But just because you’re working from the comfort of your own abode, this doesn’t mean you want your productivity to slip. There’s nothing more counterproductive than typing from a bed, sofa or an ill-equipped home office, so here’s how to make your home workstation fashionable and functional.

Make the view the focus

There is nothing less inspiring than a blank white wall, so if you’re lucky enough to boast a pleasant view from your home office then try to make the most of it. Rearrange your home office so that your desk is facing the window, allowing you to look up from your screen every now and then, stretch your neck and take in the world around you. If this isn’t possible, consider a motivational poster or piece of artwork to keep you motivated.

Get organised

When you’re busy with work all day there never seems to be a good time to tidy up and organise your workspace. However, keeping on top of your daily clutter can help your space feel more productive, which will help you feel the same. Find an organisation system that works for you to avoid future clutter, including designated areas for paperwork, magazines, bills and office supplies. Better organisation means it’s less likely you will lose anything and have to keep replacing it. This way you’re able to take a look at a range of supplies for your staff for them to keep for the longevity of their employment, and help reduce the supply costs of your business.

Let there be light

We all know the importance of adequate lighting in creating an effective workspace. After all, you need to be able to see what you’re typing, writing and reading without strain to avoid headaches, so making the most of the light available is key. This can refer to natural light, using light colours and reflective surfaces, but also effective artificial lighting which keeps your office lit when you’re working late. You may want to consider taking the help of an expert electrician malvern or in your nearby area; they can probably take a look at your office space and give you some advice on the right type of lighting to use. They might even be able to help set up the lighting and other electric appliances you use so you won’t have to take the trouble of doing it on your own.

Consider ergonomics

There are a lot of practical factors to consider when making your home office suitable for daily use. If you’ve been exposed to any research about spinal health, you’ll know that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day is a major cause of back and neck pain. So make sure you choose furniture which suits you perfectly. Your chair should provide comfortable back support, your feet should be flat on the floor and your screen should be at eye level.

Make it inspiring

If your job involves any form of creative process – be it completing projects or producing quality content – then it’s important to stay constantly inspired. In order to make it easier to find inspiration on a daily basis, surrounding yourself with objects that get your creative juices flowing like ornaments, artworks and photographs.

Invest in a vintage desk

A desk can be plain and purely practical, or it can be pleasant and picturesque. Writing on a beautiful piece of furniture will make you more motivated to create high quality work, and vintage furniture is a great way to make your office feel unique and luxurious. Vinterior have a fantastic selection of vintage desks and consoles for sale.

Create a work zone

If you don’t have the space for a full office room but still require a productive workspace, take one of the larger rooms in your home and create a designated ‘work zone’. It might be a corner of your bedroom, or the end of your dining table, but wherever you set up your office make sure you outline your zone clearly with fresh colours and décor.