7 Ways to Get Crafty this Christmas

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to get crafty for both kids and adults. From holiday decors to DIY gifts, there are many ways to unleash your love for arts and crafts. Keep on reading and learn from our suggestions.

  1. Wrap Your Gifts

Looking for the perfect way to make your gifts more special and look more expensive? Why not be creative and wrap it yourself? You can even use recycled wrappers, which will surely be appreciated by your eco-conscious friends. Add ribbons and personalized touches. If you have no presents to wrap yet, check out the gift finderfeature at Shutterfly.

  • Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Holiday cards are amongst the most meaningful and affordable Christmas gifts. You don’t need to buy generic Hallmark cards. Make it more special by making the cards on your own. Include a heartfelt and hand-written message. If you need ideas on how Christmas cards should be, visit Shutterflyif you need inspiration.

  • Build Your Christmas Tree from Scratch

Forget about fake and ready-made Christmas trees. Start from scratch and buy an authentic tree. To pick the best Christmas tree, start by measuring the height of your ceiling and consider the space available in the room. Inspect the tree to make sure that it is fresh, especially in terms of its color. Trim the tree to keep it well-maintained. If need be, take the help of experts from companies like Bushor’s Tree Surgeons (to avail their services, consider looking for tree removal companies near me online) who are known to have a good reputation in tree care. Once you are satisfied with the condition of the tree, you can go ahead with the decoration part. Add your choice of ornaments, including Christmas cards, DIY balls, and a string of lights.

  • Make Gingerbread Cookies 

For the best ways to get crafty with kids, consider making gingerbread cookies with them. This is easy even for anyone without prior experience in baking. You don’t have to eat all the cookies you will be baking. A good idea is to pack them in jars and give them as holiday presents to your family and friends. They will surely appreciate the effort!

  • Create a DIY Advent Calendar

There are lots of advent calendars for sale, but do not settle for the ordinary. Make it more special by creating the advent calendar yourself. This will make an excellent display to count down the days before the big day!

  • Learn Origami

Origami is the art of folding paper, and this is one of the best crafts you can make this Christmas. You can use origami ornaments as decorations for your Christmas trees, garlands, or wreaths. You can also fill a big jar with origami art, fairy lights, crystal balls, and fake snow.

  • Hang a Wreath

A wreath is another must-have for your Christmas décor. Keep it natural and fresh like your Christmas tree. A big wreath in the front door will welcome guests and make them feel the holiday spirit as soon as they set foot in your house.

Take the time to learn some basic crafts this holiday season! From wrapping gifts to learning origami, consider our suggestions above if you are looking for a good art project this Christmas.