7 Secrets No One Will Tell You about Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you are told so many things about parenting and pregnancy, and before you can even digest the news that you are growing a new life, it may seem like people are trying to take over what should be this happy and personal time for you and your partner.

This can cause a lot of stress, especially if this pregnancy wasn’t planned. If this is the case, your mind could be all over the place, thus making it hard to focus on your options. Luckily, pregnancy services, like this one in Bloomsburg can talk to you about your options and how to proceed with the pregnancy or not. Talking with professionals in a safe space can allow you to make your own decisions, without having to think about what others are saying to you.

But if you know for definite that you want to keep your unborn baby, then it could be hard to decide what is true and what isn’t.

The only scary part that we are told is the labor pains when you are about to give birth. However, there are things that our parents, friends, and family do not prepare us in advance. The reason for not telling us everything is that pregnancies are different depending on the health, fitness, and emotional strength of the woman. Here are 7 secrets that no one will tell you about pregnancy:

Hair and nails on point

Have you ever wondered why pregnant women have such beautiful nails and hair? The answer is the pregnancy. Expectant mothers take prenatal vitamins to help with the growth of their unborn baby. What most people do not know is that these supplements contain calcium that will do your hair and nails natural justice.

Another positive thing is that your boobs will probably become bigger as you near birth. So if you wanted to have bigger boobs prepare to get bigger bras when you are pregnant.

You may secretly hate your spouse

When you are pregnant, you undergo through a lot of body changes and your hormones are raging. You are having sleepless nights because you cannot find a comfortable position to lay on, morning sickness is taking a toll on you, and your back aches like no one’s business. As you go through all these changes, your partner is the way they were or even better. You start to secretly blame him for what you are going through and its normal during this period to slightly hate him.

Acid refluxAcid reflux

Heartburns can make you the most uncomfortable human being on the planet. When you are pregnant, you are likely to experience regular heartburn. It is usually caused by a hormone known as progesterone which relaxes your uterine muscles. The hormone is also responsible for relaxing a valve between your stomach and esophagus causing gastric acid to go up. However, don’t be scared because there are a few tricks that can help you reduce heartburn. For instance, you may want to go to your doctor and see if heartburn medications such as https://www.zantacotc.com/ can be taken to help relieve it, you will then be able to get a good grip on what works best during this time so you do not have to suffer!


You know that uncomfortable feeling that you usually have during that time of the month. During pregnancy, you are going to experience regular cramps depending on the stage of your pregnancy. The first time you will experience cramps during pregnancy is when the fertilized egg is trying to attach itself to your uterine walls. After that, you will experience cramps as the baby grows.

It is not easy to get your body back

While everyone tells you it’s fine you will go back to your old closet soon after birth; it is not always an easy road. You need to prepare yourself psychologically that the change will not happen overnight, and you will have to change the lifestyle that you had adopted during pregnancy. You may also have stretch marks because of increased body weight during pregnancy, and they take time and proper treatment to fade.

Typically, after giving birth, you will develop fat deposits, sagging breasts, and other adverse changes in your body. However, trying to fix pregnancy-related changes without the assistance of a professional can be difficult. It might be impossible for you to exercise when you are caring for a newborn.

Fortunately, there are cosmetic procedures that can be used to improve your body after pregnancy. For instance, new moms can enhance their self-confidence by opting for a Mommy Makeover. A mommy makeover is a term to describe a customized set of procedures to help correct pregnancy-related changes. Typically, this kind of makeover includes a breast lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

Blow on Self-esteem

Pregnant women undergo psychological changes as much as they undergo physical changes. The clothes that used to fit you will become smaller, and you can’t walk a block without all eyes being on you. All these changes may lower your self-esteem even if you have support from your partners. You will have days that you will not feel beautiful enough because of the maternity wear and big belly.

You will also have problems to deal with that can get you low and make you feel conscious which could lead to postpartum depression. If you have an issue that is getting you down, be sure to address it to find a proper solution. If it is something like urinary incontinence, use Incontinence Products; if it is excessive bleeding, it could make you weak and feel low; there are various physical problems that could affect you mentally, so you ought to consult a doctor and therapist to help cope with the problems that you face.

After birth, you become an emotional wreck especially if you are a new parent. You may face baby blues or attachment issues with your child. It is normal, but when the emotions persist, then it becomes something you need to worry about and get medical attention.

You will have weird cravings

When you are pregnant, ask your friends what they craved for during their pregnancies and you will laugh your lungs out. You will start disliking some of your favorite dishes. Your sense of smell will be heightened, and you will even be able to smell lies. Your cravings will intensify, and it will be almost impossible to maintain your leash on your cravings. However, it is good to maintain a healthy diet to avoid too much pregnancy weight gain.

You will have weird cravingsBelly Rubs

Pregnancy has its advantages when you are in public because you don’t have to queue for anything and when you take the subway you are sure you will get a sit. However, no one prepares you from belly rubs that you will have throughout your pregnancy. It is genuine admiration, but you will silently pray that people keep their hands to themselves. The rubs get more uncomfortable when people you secretly didn’t like start giving you belly rubs.

Pregnancy is a blessing, and that’s why all women should know both sides of the coin. It can help you prepare psychologically for what’s about to come.