4 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Arranging and funding a wedding is no small task. While it may be one of the most exciting events of your life, it can also be one of the most stressful. When you take on the task of organizing a big event like a wedding, you may find yourself overwhelmed with your list of to-dos.

Rather than allowing yourself to be swallowed up by stress, it’s important to get creative with ways that you can be able to afford it all without going massively into debt. Since not everyone has the budget to be able to throw a celebrity style wedding, knowing how to stretch your dollar creatively is key. When it comes to saving money where you can for your wedding, here are the best ways how.

Choose a Free Location

Try to choose a wedding location which is free of charge. This will take a significant amount of money off of the total bill of your big day. When you have to pay for the rental of a location you could be looking at potentially thousands of dollars just on the space alone.

Try to think about places which could accommodate your guests which wouldn’t have to be paid for. Perhaps a friends property, a community space offered for no charge, or even a restaurant or library.

When you start getting creative with different ideas you’d be surprised what you can come up with.

Make Your Own Food

Consider providing your own food for your reception rather than paying for a catering service. This is something that a family member may be willing to take on as a wedding gift. Otherwise, you can opt for a potluck style meal which many people enjoy organizing.

This is a way to get some of your favorite family dishes on the table for everyone to enjoy. Not only will this cut costs, but you may find that homemade food is often much better than catered anyway.

Skip The Flowers

Flowers are undoubtedly beautiful and create a dreamy atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. However, they can be downright expensive. Rather than spending thousands on flowers which will only last a few short days, why not opt for an alternative.

There are plenty of leafy alternatives which cost a fraction of the price. You could also come up with a fabric option that gives a creative flair. However, if you do want the flowers, contact your local florist. They might be able to give you the desired quantity at a reasonable price. Those who live in Keysborough, Melbourne, for example, are likely to check out florist shops that are nearby and communicate with them to find a reasonable price. This way, they can avoid transportation charges and any other additional overhead costs.

Keep Your Guest Count Low

Ultimately, the fewer guests that you have the less your total cost will be. It’s ok to keep your guest count down, and still love all of your friends and family.

Simply explain, if anyone gets hurt or offended that you had to choose your guests carefully due to limited funds. Most people will understand.