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4 Tips For Finding Furniture For Repurposing

If you’ve ever taken a look on Pinterest then you’ve probably seen brilliant creations of repurposing furniture.  From turning a dresser drawer into a beautiful wall shelf to turning a bed frame into an outdoor bench, there is no shortage of possibilities that you can create with a little imagination.

Depending on what you want to create, whether its something decorative just for fun, or purposed for your professional craft, there are a few great ways to find the materials to work with.  Here are some of the best spots to find great stuff for your repurposing ambitions.

Thrift Stores

While some people may see thrift stores as endless aisles of old t-shirts that smell like mothballs, a creative person sees them as a wonderland for amazing creations.

Even though many of the things in a thrift store have seen the end of their life for their original purpose, this makes these objects great candidates for repurposing them into something entirely new.

Try to go frequently as a lot of good finds tend to be snagged up quickly.  You may even want to go at least once a week in the morning after they receive deliveries.  Staying consistent will ensure that you have a better chance at making some great discoveries for your creations.

Your Garage

Sometimes the very thing that you’re looking for is already in your possession.  Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, your ruby slippers may be right under your nose already.  

Taking a look in your garage for old treasures that you may have deemed old news may be your dream project waiting to happen.  This isn’t limited to your garage either. You can also look in your closets and storage. This may even be an excellent opportunity to purge junk you don’t need.


There are many forums online which are used for people to post things which they’re selling or giving away.

Taking a look at these sites is a convenient way to find things for your DIY projects without having to get in your car.  Just make sure that you move fast as you aren’t the only one looking at these websites for the same thing!


That’s right, dumpsters.  You’d be blown away by the treasures that people throw away.  As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Taking a look at things which other people have tossed is often one of the most fruitful places to find special things.  Just make sure that you’re ready to get dirty.  And always make sure that you have permission from the owner. Otherwise, you could get into legal issues unfortunately which isn’t the goal.