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4 Reasons to Choose Laminated Paper Bags Over Unlaminated

Paper bags are economical, eco-friendly, and perfect for branding, so they’re as good for your business’s bottom line and marketing potential as they are for the planet. But you might have trouble choosing the right type of paper bag, with many potential buyers unsure whether to go laminated or unlaminated.

There’s no clear winner when it comes to laminated vs. unlaminated bags, but there’s no denying that each option works well in its own way. Here are just four reasons why you should choose laminated over unlaminated.

  1. Strength

Even unlaminated paper bags are surprisingly strong. Thing is, they’re much stronger when even lightly laminated. Just try tearing one in half and you’ll find out. This is great if your bags will be used to hold heavier products. It’s also nice to know that your bags are likely to be reused a few times instead of simply being thrown out when they wear through.

  1. Class

There’s a perception that laminated paper bags are more luxurious than unlaminated paper bags. Nine times out of ten, people will tell you that laminated bags are of a higher quality. That may or may not be true – the point is that people believe it. If you’re trying to sell luxury products, such as jewellery, tech products, beauty products, or anything else of that nature, laminated bags will probably be a better fit.

  1. Appearance

The main reason why laminated bags are perceived as high-end is their appearance. You can print them with either a high quality shiny gloss or smooth matt finish, so these bags have a more finished appearance than unlaminated bags. That goes a long way towards explaining why unlaminated bags are preferred for natural products and laminated ones are preferred for pricier items.

  1. Softness

Finally, laminated bags are a little softer than unlaminated ones. This is unlikely to prove the deciding factor, but it’s something worth keeping in mind when you’re weighing up the relative pros and cons.