3 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe While Crafting Together

For many parents, having kids at home full-time now means having to find activities that will keep them entertained without having them sit in front of the TV for hours on end. One type of activity that you may have started doing more often is crafts. But while crafting with your kids can be fun, albeit messy, it could also be dangerous if you’re not careful. So to help keep your kids out of an unsafe doctor’s office as a result of a bad crafting accident, here are three tips for keeping your kids safe while crafting together. 

Teach How To Use Tools Beforehand

Even young kids can use crafts supplies like crayons and other items. But for tools that are sharp, heavy, slippery, or could cause harm to their body in any other way, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve taught them the right way to use these tools before you let them try them on their own.

To do this, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that you make sure the tools are safe and ready to use prior to letting your kids handle them. This means that things aren’t worn or broken in such a way that could make them more dangerous. Once you’ve double-checked this, show your children how to hold and handle the tools in a safe way. Additionally, make sure they aren’t distracted when using tools that they need to be careful with. 

Get Proper Ventilation

Many craft supplies give off debris or a smell that isn’t necessarily safe to be breathing in. So if you’ll be crafting using any supplies like this, you’ll want to be sure that you have proper ventilation in the area that you’ll be working.

Ideally, suggests that you do these kinds of crafts outside where you’ll have fresh air all around you and your children in addition to a breeze to help waft away and debris or fumes. If this isn’t possible, try to open the windows of the space you’ll be using or turn on fans to help keep the room you’re in well ventilated. 

Choose The Right Supplies

Not all craft supplies that you might have at home will actually be safe for your kids to use. Along with getting hurt by tools and supplies that look inherently dangerous, certain things could also cause burns, irritation to eyes and skin, hurt their lungs, and more. 

To avoid these issues, it’s important that you choose the right supplies. For this purpose, has shared what supplies are safe for kids to use for certain crafting purposes. For example, if you’re needing to adhere items together, try to avoid using rubber cement and use a glue stick or paste instead. 

If you want to make craft time safe for everyone, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do this.