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3 Reasons Bath Lifts Beat Grab Bars

Whether you suffer from mobility problems or are simply getting on in years, you may start to find that taking a bath is becoming harder and harder. Some people combat the difficulty of getting in and out by installing grab bars around their bath. These can be used for added stability or to haul yourself up and lower yourself down without placing too much strain on the back and legs. They do the job, but here are just three reasons why you should fit a bath lift instead.

  1. More Comfortable

A bath lift is made from a motor and belt system. The belt is long and wide enough to hold your body, so you can lie on it while the motor gradually lowers you into or raises you out of the bath. As you can probably imagine, this is a lot more comfortable than having to haul yourself up. When you’ve just enjoyed a relaxing bath, the last thing you want to do is deal with grab bars, so fit a bath lift instead.

  1. Added Safety

As important as comfort is, safety should always be your paramount concern, and bath lifts are a lot safer to use than grab bars. Modern units that are manufactured by companies such as Bathtime Mobility (bathtimemobility.co.uk) or similar ones are fitted with emergency batteries to ensure you can still be lifted from the bath if there’s a power cut, so there’s really nothing that can go wrong. When you use grab bars you can still slip and fall, especially when the bath is full and your hands are wet, and you may even find you don’t have the power to pull yourself up.

  1. Long-Term Solution

Perhaps you can use grab bars perfectly safely and comfortably at present – the problem is, your situation may change. Grab bars might be manageable right now, but you may not be able to handle them a few years down the line. It’s never nice to think about your mobility issues growing worse, but it’s a fact you need to face. If you fit a bath lift now, you’ll be covered for the future since you can use them even when mobility problems become more pronounced.