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3 Cute Crafts To Do At A Housewarming Party

Moving house is usually an exciting time. You may be starting your dream job far away and you need a house closer to your new office, or you may be having your first baby and you need more bedrooms. Sometimes moving house can be a rush, so you might need to Google how to “sell my house fast woodstock” or wherever you are to find a house buyer that will buy your house quickly for you. This will save you from having to go through the long process of house viewings and offers that can sometimes take months and months. If you or a friend are going to be moving into a new home soon, you’re likely also planning a housewarming party to help you get used to your new space and introduce your new home to your friends and family members.

To help you commemorate this occasion, there are so many different crafts you could do as part of this party to allow your loved ones to make your new home the best home you’ve ever had. To see how this can be done, here are three cute crafts to do at a housewarming party. 

A Planting Party

When moving into a new space, you’re going to have to start from scratch with growing both the interior and exterior plants that you want. While you might be able to bring some with you from your old home, planting some new plants to live in this new space with you can be a great way to bring some life to your home.

If this is something you’re interested in, consider making planting a part of your housewarming party. If you have work to do in the yard, ask people to come with the gloves and lend you a hand here. Or if you’re wanting to do something like a succulent garden inside, consider getting some pots that people can decorate for you and then plant those succulents in various places around your new home. 

Personalize New Kitchen Towels

Moving into a new place is a great time to throw up some old and battered items that you’ve used in your old home and update or upgrade to something fresh and new. This can be especially the case for things like linens.

With this in mind, consider getting some plain kitchen towels that you and your guests can personalize and keep in your new home. You can get some stencils for people to trace in the designs you like or encourage them to make something completely their own that you can think of each time you use these new towels in your new home. 

A Group Art Piece

Another great idea could be to use the time that you have during your housewarming party to create a new work of art together with everyone in attendance. 

To start with, hire someone to draw a sketch of your new house. You can then ask each person at your party to use their fingerprint as a flower in the garden of the sketch or as a balloon floating in the air above the home. This could be a perfect piece of art to hang on your wall and remember the people who helped you make this house a home. 

If you’re wanting to do a cute craft to celebrate your new home, consider trying some of the crafts mentioned above.