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3 Crafts To Help Your Kids Love And Appreciate The Outdoors

If you love and appreciate the outdoors yourself, it’s only natural for you to want to share this passion with any kids you have. And while this shared passion comes automatically for some kids, others need a little more convincing. So if you’re wanting to help your kids get excited about nature before you do bigger activities together like hunting, here are three crafts to help your kids love and appreciate the outdoors. 

Build Something Together

For kids who love to work with their hands and play with things like blocks, doing a building craft together could be a great way to get them interested in the outdoors and excited about spending time in this kind of environment.

According to Danielle Cohen, a contributor to the Child Mind Institute, some of the best options for building with small kids are bird feeders or bird houses and planter boxes. These crafts don’t require too many supplies or materials, and you can usually complete these builds in just a few short hours or over a weekend. And what’s great about building something like a bird feeder or planter box is that it will help get and keep your kids interested in the outdoors as they can keep checking on what’s going on with their project well after the day it’s been built. 

Start A Collection

If your kids love collecting things, starting a nature-based collection could be a great way to encourage them to spend more time exploring outside and getting excited about being outdoors. 

Depending on where you live, the BBC shares that you can collect things like leaves, twigs, flowers, rocks, sand, and more with your kids. You can then display them in your child’s room so that they can proudly remember the items they’ve collected and get excited about getting back outside and collecting more in the future. 

Get Crafting Materials From Nature

Another option for crafting with kids to help them develop a love of the outdoors is use things from nature as the materials for crafts that your kids already enjoy doing. 

Alanna Okun, a contributor to, shares that you can use materials like driftwood, twigs, stones, flowers, seashells, and bark from trees as the materials for crafts like rubbings, jewelry, decor, and so much more. Not only will it be fun for your kids to go out collecting these items for their crafts, but it will also be fun to do the actual crafts together and see your little ones work with these natural elements. 

If you’re wanting to do more crafts with your kids that will help them learn to love the outdoors, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you both achieve this goal.