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3 Classy Ways To Showcase Kids’ Artwork Around The House

From the time kids can hold a crayon in their hands, many parents cherish all of the drawings and art projects that their kids create. However, if you have a lot of kids or a child that’s particularly artistic, it can be hard to know what to do with all this artwork. While you don’t just want to stick it in a drawer or filing cabinet to never be seen, you also may not just want random pieces of children’s art filling up every empty space on your walls or fridge.

To help you come up with a fun and interesting way to show off the beautiful works that your little ones have created, here are three classy ways to showcase kids’ artwork around the house. 

Take Photos For A Collage

If you’re wanting a way to consolidate the number of art projects that you have around the house while still showing your children that you care about the art that they’ve made, you may want to start making photos collages of their artwork before either storing it long-term or getting rid of the original copy.

When making a photo collage, Kim Stoegbauer, a contributor to HGTV, recommends that you first take a photo of the art with your phone. Then, you can easily find an app that allows you to put your photos into a collage before printing them off for you. Once you have these photo collages printed, you could then either mount or otherwise show off all of these pieces of art in a more contained way, without keeping all the clutter around. 

Install Shelving Or Ledges

For the art projects that you really want to keep in their original form and show off in all their glory, you may need to take on an additional project yourself in order to set up space for these projects to rest.

One thing you might want to try, according to Wendy Manwarren Generes and Alexis Hobbs, contributors to Country Living, is to install some ledges or shelves onto a wall in your home. With these ledges or shelves, you can then place all kinds of art projects on these flat spaces so they can easily be seen and added to as more art gets created. 

Use Sticker Wall Frames

Sometimes, all your kids want is to have a place where they can easily display all the artwork that they’re most proud of. 

To create something simple that will do the trick, Sarah Yang, a contributor to Real Simple, recommends getting some wall decals or washi tape that you can use as sticker frames on your walls. This can give your kids a specific space to place their art that doesn’t leave a lasting mark on your walls. 

If you’re needing some new and inventive ways to showcase your kids’ artwork, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this.