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10 Tips For Planning The Best Bachelorette Party Ever


Bachelorette parties are the best moments for brides before their wedding day. They are notorious days where your fellow girls create one last special moment with you before you leave the bachelorette’s club. However, you need the best minds at work to pull off the best bachelorette party ever.

For Edmonton residents, bachelorette parties are common whenever one of the girls quits the bachelorette club. You want to give your girl the best last day of freedom of being single. Selecting the best Bachelorette party venue in Edmonton should be your first step towards making the day memorable. If you’re feeling stressed about getting it right, don’t. We’ve got some very amazing tips to make the planning a lot easier.

Tips for planning a bachelorette party

1. Make it personal

This is the very first thing you must consider before making any preparations. It is the bride’s party and not a party for the girls. The person in charge of organizing the party MUST know what the bride wants and loves. Attention must be paid to the things she enjoys most. Elements of the party to consider here include things like the kind of music to play, drinks, food, games and so on.

If loud music in nightclubs is not her thing, then don’t plan her party in the club. Look at what she enjoys doing in her free time and make the party personalized towards such things. If she loves dancing, you may want to look at how companies like DivaDance can help. Alternatively, you can give her a nice memorable outdoor games party if she loves outdoor activities.


2. Make the scheduling simple

Bachelorette parties are more about sharing the one-last moment with your girl before she quits the bachelorette club. You don’t want to choke the day with thousands of activities that you will not be able to accomplish. You want to make it easier for every person to enjoy and relax.

There is that one friend that always comes 30 minutes late. Give some allowance before traveling or starting any activity. There are chances that everything on your schedule will take longer than initially planned so give some allowance.

3. To drink or not to drink?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to drink or not to drink alcohol. Some brides might start the day with a mimosa while others will wait until dinner. We also have those that will not drink at all. The bride will always choose what she prefers. It is her a day, and she wants it to be memorable. Don’t make it a drinking day if she is not okay with it. If it is a small event you can always engage the services of a food service provider in order to make your day run smoother.

However, if she wants to let loose for one last time and drink to her fullest, remember to stay with her to the last minute and ensure she gets to bed at the right time.


4. Always have a backup plan

Have you ever planned something and then it went opposite to what you expected? The same thing can happen to the ideas you have for the party. A flight might be delayed, a friend might cancel, or even the weather might not be so good.

You must have a backup plan in case things don’t go as planned. There are instances where the bride might not like the activities or feel like not doing whatever you’ve expected. This is where you need to remain cool and switch gears by bringing up the backup plan. This way, you will keep the day going and bring the smile back on the bride.

5. Don’t post anything on social media without permission

Social media is frenzy nowadays, but not everybody is okay sharing their lives on social media. Some brides realize they are on a million selfies online days later without their permission. You need to speak with the bride about social media etiquette and ensure every person in the party knows what the bride wants.

Whatever is posted on the internet cannot be erased no matter what. The internet has a way of keeping things so be thoughtful of anything you post. This way, every party member’s private life, career, reputation, and comfort is maintained.

6. Plan well for the expenses and do not underestimate

Those that have planned and attended bachelorette parties can agree with me there is a lot of cash shelling. You will get a list of expenses that never comes to an end. The bride might sudden ask for the expensive bottle of champagne, not on your list. Set a budget with the bride and stick to it.

Every person on the invite list must be okay with the price. Don’t shy away from asking people to share ideas that are cost-effective. Are people going to pay for their drinks or you will collect the cash for the party in advance? These are things you need to be sure of before spending any money.

7. Ask for help

Once you have all the plans set up and ready, go ahead and ask for help from the people on the list. There is a lot that goes into planning an incredible bachelorette party. Divide tasks and duties among the members but don’t just allocate the tasks. Ask the members what they would love to help and take some tasks of your back. However, remember to follow up to see if people are doing what they have been asked.


8. Don’t forget the bachelorette traditions

Even with the planning, this is an opportunity to celebrate your girl being married. From matching dresses to flirty sashes, remember there are no rules on the bachelorette parties. Plan something epic like a one-night adventure, 90s flick, an entire weekend or even a comedy show. Encourage the bride to enjoy the day and be creative to make the day awesome.

9. Include a fiancé somewhere in the party

Spare a few minutes and create a message for the fiancé somewhere in the party. The message can be a video taken and sent over to the fiancé. This is one way of reminding the bride where you’re partying and making the fiancé feel part of the process.

10. Don’t drink and drive

For the safety of the bride and members, make sure you take a taxi if there is no sober person to drive you around. It looks like a simple warning, but there are those who drive home at 3.am after a night of drinking. You don’t want to risk anything so take a taxi.