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10 Awe-Inspiring Tips and Ideas to Help You Design and Style Your Lounge

Everyone yearns for their exact personal style to reflect throughout their house, but many times designs become cluttered with mismatched items acquired over time. We have you covered with some amazing tips that are sure to make your living space the gem of your entire home.

There are key points you can consider in making your lounge space cohesive. Keeping the design up over time is half the battle, and you’ll have to find a design you want to continue to build on and live with every day. To keep your design clear and pleasing, you will have to meld these aspects together into one design that does not confuse the eye.

1. Decide on a Theme

Think about your lounge space and what you want to use it for. This will come into play for every aspect of your design. If you want to read there, then create a cosy atmosphere with bookshelves and armchairs for just that. Be careful however not to go too over the top and keep surfaces minimally decorated to stay tidy.

If you want a relaxing vibe, go with a beach house theme, but do not clutter the place with too many shells and pour sand on the floor. While the room will have its own individual elements it still should somewhat match the rest of your home.

2. Select Colour Palette

Cohesiveness is one of the most important elements of eye-catching design. The most beautiful designs are centred around a bold powerful colour or a relaxing combination.

Even if you choose a colour that is contrasting, make sure you do not overdo the clashing tones. Keep an eye for a bold accent. Find something like this first and it can help you build the room around it. A bold accent, if chosen correctly, can even be one thing that stands out drastically, green would pop in a blue and yellow room.

3. Fresh Paint, Fresh Space

A new coat of paint can make any room take on a completely new look, not to mention the clean feel of a freshly painted room. One of the largest benefits of doing this is actually cleaning out the entire room. This way you can get a feel for the full space and start your design with a fresh empty palette.

4. Create a Focal Point

Many people use their favourite piece of furniture as a focal point like an antique sofa or grand clock. If your room has a fireplace it will naturally steal the spotlight so consider it as the focus or find another way to incorporate it without drawing from your real centre point.

Accent walls are a popular trend that uses one wall with an individual design that compliments the rest of the room while keeping the other walls clean and simple. This could be one big red wall, a pattern like stripes, barn wood, or even covering the entire wall with a huge bookshelf or family pictures.

5. Small Space Designs

When living in a small living area, it hard to make design and functionality meet. There are little tricks you can consider. For example, mirrors can cleverly be used to make small places have the appearance of being larger.

Smart furniture choices are those that can be used as multiple things. Research the different multi-use sofas on the market to see more about on different sofa beds that take advantage of every inch of your small space.

6. Let the Light In

If you are already working with grand windows, you might not have the problem of brightening the place up. For those with the budget to spare, consider replacing windows or installing new ones to match your design. Consider stained glass panels or hangings if your room faces the east or west to catch the sun best. That being said, maintaining stained glass panels or keeping large glass windows clean can be a tedious process, one which could be made a lot easier by taking the help of professional cleaning services like Window Cleaning People. Especially if you want the light to shine through these windows and curtains into your room, hiring a cleaning expert every once a while would be a good idea.

Depending on how you plan to use the room, decide between bright curtains that let the light through or blackout curtains. If you can avoid typical blinds, do so. If you must have blinds, make sure they don’t stand out from the design.

7. Floor

The floor is easily forgotten when designing a space. Hardwood floors are a lot easier to refinish than most believe and after the process, it can seem like a newly installed floor. Hardwood floors are a classic that will fit with almost any scheme, but a lighter or darker stain may do a lot of good.

Accent rugs can also tie together the design of the room. Material and pattern of a rug or flooring will help dictate the feel of the room. A shag rug will tell visitors no shoes is allowed, an elaborate expensive rug will tell them shoes, but no excessive dirt.

8. The Character is in the Trim

The trim and crown moulding can add different dimensions and lines to your room.

Research different types of crown moulding and ways you can incorporate a coat of fresh paint to make the horizontal lines pop.

9. Incorporate Shiplap

Shiplap was very commonly used in homes from the early to the mid-twentieth century. The trend of using it on walls has emerged. This can make a great accent above a fireplace.

It gives texture to the walls and there are countless ways to incorporate shiplap into space.

10. Go Green

Plants can liven the atmosphere of any space. Use hanging ferns in corners and even a few tall standing plants for levels. Some lovely plants like Aloe, which can live indoors, can even be used for skin burns. A great indoor-gardener’s tip is to always put small stones and pebbles on top of the soil to make sure no rotting occurs.

Your Style, Your Space

Using creativity, there are unlimited options for fun flairs to add to your lounge space. Make smart design choices to spend whatever budget you have wisely. Revamping old pieces can be a less expensive alternative and look just as great. Having a plan and a design approach will save a lot of time and be able to tie together a room worthy of constant compliments.