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Running a Business

Ways to Brighten Your Business With Your Craftiness

As young men and women in the business of entrepreneurship, you have the freedom to express yourself and your beliefs about life and everything in it through whatever means you wish. Every business owner has the need to decorate their store or office. Continue Reading ›
Running a Business

The Top Benefits of Restaurant Booths for Your Establishment

Restaurant booths were most often associated with taverns and diners in previous years, but this is quickly changing, since restaurant booths have become more popular in different kinds of restaurants and even fine dining establishments. Continue Reading ›
Running a Business

The start up universities

Here is our guide to the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish universities that offer degrees and courses for would-be entrepreneurs and business people Continue Reading ›
Running a Business

Baby-boomer business owners must be ready to hand over the reins

Let’s face it, many owners of small companies don’t want to confront the fact that one day they may retire and leave the businesses they have built up so lovingly. They should. Without proper succession planning, many end up bringing down the shutters on their life’s work or selling off their assets for a song. Continue Reading ›