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11 Must Have Tools for Natural Emergencies

Disasters come unbidden and their outcome quite intolerable in the places where they occur. The list of disasters that have struck various places on the globe is endless and the victims are left helpless due to the natural occurrences they had not foreseen or been well prepared for. It is thus paramount for you to […] Continue Reading ›

We need to switch off at weekends — and that includes the gadgets

A wise friend once told me that the quality of your Sunday is a barometer of how fulfilled you are in life. He was not referring to religious faith — or to the importance of Sunday newspapers such as this one. Rather, he believed that how you spend the day of rest shows whether you […] Continue Reading ›

Pack away the candles and cocoa for latest Scandi lifestyle craze: lagom

It is just so hard to pick a lifestyle philosophy these days. You tried feng shui but it messed up your chi, and you gave hygge a go but ended up singeing your woolly jumper on all the candles. Continue Reading ›