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Why You Need to Hire a Great Drainage Company

It’s easy for people to not worry about their drains until there is a blockage or the drains stop working properly. Then, when the sinks are backing up or the yard starts to smell like sewage, people tend to panic. While many people will call the first company in the phone book or even reach […] Continue Reading ›

Amazon says pet translators will turn walkies to talkies

The good news is that we will one day be able to communicate directly with our pets and understand their every bark and miaow. Perhaps not so good, we will be eating an awful lot of insects. Continue Reading ›

Luxury pet products

A £170,000 kennel? That’ll really get their tails wagging Continue Reading ›
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Bring hotel style home with you

Top designers tell us about the trend for replicating luxury decor in a domestic setting Continue Reading ›
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Washing line wars

Somewhere deep in corporate America, where marketing meets R&D to formulate new strategies for selling big boxes of expensive household stuff, they will be cheering Amanda McGreavy. Continue Reading ›