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Why You Should Use Matt vs. Gloss Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the most popular options for home flooring, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Deciding on porcelain tiles isn’t too hard, but there is a whole heap of further decisions to make even after you’ve made that initial pick. Though most people only want to think about the cosmetic concerns of style, […] Continue Reading ›
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Why You Need to Hire a Great Drainage Company

It’s easy for people to not worry about their drains until there is a blockage or the drains stop working properly. Then, when the sinks are backing up or the yard starts to smell like sewage, people tend to panic. While many people will call the first company in the phone book or even reach […] Continue Reading ›

Ryanair: Toddlers wheeling on own bags to beat luggage limits

Ryanair has accused holidaymakers of giving their toddlers suitcases to wheel on to planes to get around hand baggage limits. Continue Reading ›

Amazon says pet translators will turn walkies to talkies

The good news is that we will one day be able to communicate directly with our pets and understand their every bark and miaow. Perhaps not so good, we will be eating an awful lot of insects. Continue Reading ›
Kids and Teens

The hotel for teens

A Greek resort has found a novel way to keep older kids happy: it’s banned under-12s. Our writer and his family act like grown-ups Continue Reading ›
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Summer’s here, kids, you’re going offline

A parenting expert is offering families tips on how to restrict access to digital devices and get more out of their holidays Continue Reading ›

Backlash over ‘self-rescue’ swimming classes for toddlers

Swim survival lessons in which toddlers and babies are dropped into water have been criticised by experts as “harmful” and “distressing”. Continue Reading ›

Time for all schools to join the breakfast club

The schemes boost health and learning for little cost — but they should be free for every child Continue Reading ›

Feeding bacteria to babies ‘cuts risk of sepsis by 40%’

Feeding newborn babies probiotic bacteria reduces their chances of getting sepsis by 40 per cent, a study has found. Continue Reading ›

The revolutionary new way for kids to eat their greens

Childhood obesity and diabetes seem on an unstoppable rise, but can a new way of teaching children about food make all the difference? Continue Reading ›