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Creating Art From the Possibilities of the World Around You

Art is one of those indefinable concepts. But, that flexibility of conception and focus means that anyone can be an artist, and that includes you! So, if you’d like to join the creative community, consider creating art from the possibilities of the world around you. Continue Reading ›
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How to Master That Professionally-Done Look & Feel

You see it in every area of design where there’s a bit of creativity involved, that being how some designs just don’t quite have that professional look and feel about them, while others manage to get it just right. One of the areas in which you see it most is that of online presentations such […] Continue Reading ›

Why archery hits the bullseye for millennials seeking a new hobby

It may have been kickstarted by Jennifer Lawrence wielding her bow and arrow as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, or maybe even Orlando Bloom as Legolas, a speedy bowman-sniper in Lord of the Rings. Continue Reading ›

The famous faces who love tackling their own DIY

According to Homebase, Britain is falling out of love with making home improvements themselves, but these well-known names aren’t afraid to pick up a power tool. We test their knowledge Continue Reading ›

Handmade tales

Craft used to be wonky and worthy, but now savvy curators are offering chic collections with real cachet Continue Reading ›

‘Lost skills’ campaign designed to revive knitting and sewing

They are skills passed down through generations, but sewing and knitting are in danger of becoming “lost” arts, according to the Scottish Women’s Institute (SWI), which wants handcrafts to return to the classroom. Continue Reading ›

How to ‘Ikea hack’ your home

She set one up. Bemz offers more than 250 fabrics to cover a number of Ikea furniture ranges, old and new, from sofas and armchairs to daybeds, headboards and beanbags. Like Reform, Bemz has collaborated with big designer names including Tom Dixon, Christian Lacroix and Designers Guild. It also offers classic fabrics such as Tallyho, […] Continue Reading ›

Hobbies not apps are best brain training

“Brain-training” games have not been shown to keep the mind sharp and the middle-aged would be better off learning a language or taking up a new hobby, according to scientists. Continue Reading ›